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At Smooth HR, we provide a full spectrum of HR services that cater to the dynamic needs of your business. From Absence Management to Recruitment Strategy, our expert team is equipped to handle every aspect of modern HR.

Absence Management

Our Absence Management service ensures your business continues to run smoothly, even when employees are unavailable. We help you track and manage leaves, maintain productivity, and implement policies that strike a balance between employee well-being and business needs.

Appraisal, Development & Succession Planning

Smooth HR assists in nurturing your talent pool through our Appraisal, Development, and Succession Planning service. We help you create growth opportunities for your employees, evaluate performance, and plan for the future with a focus on leadership continuity.

Employee Engagement

Enhance workplace morale and productivity with our Employee Engagement service. We employ strategies to boost motivation, foster a positive work environment, and ensure your employees feel valued and connected to your company’s mission.

Grievance & Disciplinary Management

Handle workplace conflicts and disciplinary matters with professionalism and fairness through our Grievance & Disciplinary Management service. We guide you in resolving disputes, maintaining compliance, and safeguarding employee rights.

HR Compliance

Stay compliant with ever-evolving employment regulations and laws with our HR Compliance service. Smooth HR keeps your business up-to-date, reducing legal risks and ensuring your HR practices align with the latest legal requirements.

Induction & On-Boarding

Make a positive first impression on new hires with our Induction & On-Boarding service. We streamline the onboarding process, providing a structured welcome that sets the stage for long-term employee success and satisfaction.

Performance Management

Optimise employee performance and development through our Performance Management service. We help you set clear expectations, provide regular feedback, and implement performance improvement plans to drive individual and team excellence.

Recruitment Strategy

Find the perfect talent fit for your organisation with our Recruitment Strategy service. Smooth HR designs tailored recruitment plans, sources candidates, conducts interviews, and helps you make informed hiring decisions to grow your team strategically.

Restructure & Redundancy

Navigate organisational changes, including restructuring and redundancy, with sensitivity and precision through our service. We assist you in making these transitions smoothly while minimising disruption and supporting affected employees.


Equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to excel with our Training service. We offer customised training programs that address specific needs, enhance capabilities, and contribute to overall organisational growth.

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